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Artwork & Design Portfolio of Stephen R. Owens

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3D Image Gallery by Stephen R. Owens
3D Characters and

Print Art and Design by Stephen R. Owens
Print Work for Ads,
Posters, etc...

Sketch Book belongs to Stephen R. Owens
Things from my Sketch
Book and Bar Napkins

Animation by Stephen R. Owens
2D classical animation
and 3D animation

Website Design by Stephen R. Owens
These designs were
created by me




Web Comic

This is not a portfolio piece for my artwork, however I did write the story for the Sidekicks Web Comic Book. Some of the characters were of my design, and some were created by Josh Mitchell. Josh also helped refine the character lines.

Sidekicks Comic Book Rated M for Mature
Contains Humor and
Testical Jokes