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ATLAND Web Comic by Nate Piekos

ATLAND Web Comic by Nate Piekos
Posted on Aug 23, 2009 by Stephen
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I have been reading ATLAND ( for years now, and I highly recommend it. New strips are released every Thursday. Each episode is filled with lowbrow PG-13 humor.

The story is well scripted and excellently paced. Keeping me ingaged and entertained every Thursday all these years. Nate Pekios does a great job with the different locations in this comic: dilapidated ghost towns, villages in the middle of vast sandy deserts, and large Empires. It is well worth a read.

Screen Shots of - Copyright © Nate Piekos

Atland Printed Comic Volumes

The character designs in this comic are rather good. He has added his own flair to the traditional fantasy creatures, and created a few of his own new creatures. I really like the potato men (kind of what I imagined the potato people to look like when I read the Wizard of OZ books).

Nate Piekos has really polished his art over the years. Looking back at the first strip (Episode 1) and comparing it to the detail in the current strips I am just amazed.

In addition to reading this comic online for free, it can be purchased in full color printed volumes for about $3 a volume. The printed Comics are high quality and include some extra features like: extra strips, pinups and sketchbook sections. I purchased volumes 1 through 8 over the last few months. They can be found at the bottom of every episode page.

ATLAND is rated PG-13 for fantasy violence, suggestive themes and crude humor.

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