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Do Follow
Posted on Dec 31, 2008 by Stephen Owens
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I DoFollow. For those of you who leave comments and supply your URL then your site will receive Google Juice.

DoFollow is just a little way for me to thank you for commenting on my site.

I first learned about dofollow at Ben Gillbanks blog binarymoon. Then I read up on Google's attribute (rel="nofollow") which keeps spam from getting their Google Juice. Unlike Ben I don't use Wordpress so I implemented my own dofollow methods. For my visitors who leave comments lets get that juice going.

Of course I do delete all the SPAM that people try to submit as comments. If I think it is SPAM then I delete it. Simple.

You can leave comments on any of my blog entries.

For those of you who use Wordpress, Moveable Type, or Blogger visit Randy Clay' Design and learn how to turn off nofollow in your blogs.

The "you comment I follow" image is from Randy Clay' Design.

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