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Make Zen-Cart Open By Default For Your Domain

Make Zen-Cart Open By Default For Your Domain
Posted on May 16, 2011 by Stephen Owens
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Rai contacted me with a problem. The newly installed Zen-Cart opened in a sub directory but Rai wanted it to open as the main public_html directory. So here are some possible solutions.

Rai's original email question:

Dear Stephen R. Owens,

i have just purchased domain and installed zen cart on it. when i type it does not open my main page. To open my main page i have to type Dear sir i want to open my home page ate What i should do. Please help me. I shall really be very very gratefull to you.

yours obediently,

Rai A.


There are a few things you can do:

  1. Reinstall zen-cart in the root public folder instead of under a zencart folder.
  2. Use a redirect
  3. Point the URL to the sub-directory /zencart/ on your hosting account instead of the public_html root.
    • You can talk to your web host about how to do this.
  4. Move all the files to the public_html directory on the server and change the configuration files.

More help with ZenCart try:

Best of luck.

Stephen R. Owens

Follow-Up From Rai:

Rai, sent me an email to say, "thanks," and let me know that method one worked nicely. I usually don't get thank you emails so that's pretty awesome.

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