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Mightier by Ratloop Very Cool Indie Game

Mightier by Ratloop Very Cool Indie Game
Posted on Apr 10, 2009 by Stephen Owens
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Independently developed games can have some of the most innovative game playing techniques. I always enjoy a high quality shooter, or in depth RPG, but nothing beats playing something with a little freshness to it. Mightier delivers with some good playability. Part platform puzzle game, part pen and paper, and totally free.

Mightier is a great concept for a game. I play a good many Indie games because they always come up with the best forms of game play. This game involves printing out puzzles. Drawing in solutions on the paper with a pencil. Then scanning the puzzle back into the computer (a web cam can be used instead of a scanner, how cool is that), and the computer builds your solution into the level. After which the player then runs and jumps through the level. There is also an option to create your own character.

For the tree hugers out there you can play this game without printing the puzzles. You can draw directly on the puzzles in game.

The best part about Mightier is that it is freeware! In addition, Mightier was an Independent Games Festival finalist. I have been a fan of the IGF for many years now.

Download Mighter from the Ratloop website.

Watch the video below for more.

I have enjoyed playing this game.

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