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Shop Skin Helper CMSMS plus Quick.Cart

Shop Skin Helper CMSMS plus Quick.Cart
Posted on Feb 16, 2011 by Stephen Owens
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Ola sent me an email asking about using my Shop Skin Helper (a cross php application skinning tool) with Quick.Cart (a free php software shopping cart) and CMS Made Simple (a content management system).

I don't know Ola, and I've never used Quick Cart before, but I will take a stab at answering her question by downloading the source code for Quick Cart and taking a very fast look around.

Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 7:17 PM, Ola, via email, wrote:

hi there,

i found your tutorial on how to integrate CMS MS and osCommerce/Zen Cart , and i was wondering if you could walk me through making the same thing with Quick Cart since i have my shop on that platform. would be very grateful for any helpbest regards


I did a quick Google search for Quick Cart and it came back with two options. I assume ola is not refering to (because that is a hosted cart), but is actually using Quick.Cart from (which is a free software cart built with php).

I've never used this particular e commerce solution before, so I just downloaded the Quick.Cart source code. At first glance it looks like modifications will need to be made to the file themes/container.tpl and themes/templates/default.php to allow Quick.Cart to use use the skin files created by my Shop Skin Helper, which allows you to skin any two PHP applications (it also works with a php application and a static HTML page).

In order to use the Shop Skin Helper, Ola would follow ALL the Steps in the About.pdf (included in the download of the Shop Skin Helper from the link above). With the Exception of Step 4, which covers the setup of the cart template. Here Ola would probably do something like the following, and I'm only guessing here:

Open templates/themes/default.php

Make the single following change:

1. Find this code:

  1. echo $oTpl->tbHtml( 'container.tpl', 'HEAD' ).$oTpl->tbHtml(
    'container.tpl', 'BODY' ).$content.$oTpl->tbHtml( 'container.tpl',
    'FOOT' );

Before it add:

  1. $shopHead = include 'shopskin/shop-head.php';
  2. $shopTop = include 'shopskin/shop-top.php';
  3. $shopBottom = include 'shopskin/shop-bottom.php';

Open themplates/container.tpl

Make the following three changes:

1. Find this code:

  1. <!-- END HEAD -->
  2. <!-- BEGIN MOBILE_HEAD -->

Before it add:

  1. $shopHead

2. Find this code (appears twice in the code):

  1. <body>

After both add:

  1. $shopTop

3. Find this code:

  1. </body>

Before it add:

  1. $shopBottom

If anyone needs more assistance from me on my Shop Skin Helper and Quick Cart you can hire me for cash money.

If more FREE assistance is needed with the Shop Skin Helper and Quick Cart, then you should probably ask on the Quick.Cart forum. Post the code I included above and ask for help using my Shop Skin Helper with Quick.Cart.

If anyone tries this, please let me know if it works, and I'll add it to the official documentation of the Shop Skin Helper. I'm not going to install Quick Cart to see if it actually works. I'm just guessing it does.

As far as eCommerce goes, I'm a fan of OpenCart right now.

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