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Site Update: Newest Images Added to the Homepage

Site Update: Newest Images Added to the Homepage
Posted on Feb 15, 2009 by Stephen
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I added a Lightbox powered newest images box to the homepage, and polished up the portfolio artwork galleries. Plus my old ComicBook MOD for Subdreamer.

Instead of having the newest images direct the viewer to the individual page in the gallery, I decided to use Lightbox, which is the same thing I use for the Sidekicks Comic Book. This creates a nice navigable Lightbox gallery of just the newest images.

I also finished the code for the portfolio art galleries. They now create a nice individual page for each image complete with proper page titles, meta info, and project notes. In addition, each animation now has its own individual page.

At some point I want to finish the pagination which will be similar to that found in Comic Gallery. I created this style of pagination in my ComicBook MOD for SubDreamer CMS. I no longer use SubDreamer, and I no longer update the mod, but the ComicBook MOD is still available at

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