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Stroz ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter

Stroz ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter
Posted on Apr 9, 2013 by Stephen Owens
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Stroz' ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter is a free game written in C++ that runs in a Windows console. I've compiled out the game for all the non-geeks to try. I'm also including the source code.

The Compiled ASCII Side Scroller Code

Ben Strozykowski posted the ASCII Side Scroller C++ code to his @Stroz twitter account. I was curious. An ASCII Side Scroller. How wonderfully different. I compiled his code using MinGW under Windows 7. This was the result.

Ben Strozykowski ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter Screen ShotStroz' ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter - I think it looks like the guy on the right is giving the finger.

Download and Play Now

Stroz' ASCII Side Scroller Platform Shooter with multiple level loading (C++ source code included for the geeks).

It's an interesting concept to try and create a side scrolling shooter using ASCII characters, which runs in a Windows console. It reminds me of some old Qbasic ASCII games I wrote under DOS 2.11 when I was fourteen-ish. Although those games were mostly static ASCII image magic 8 ball fortune tellers, a few text adventure games with some really bad ASCII scenery, and one was a helicopter that would drop bombs when the player pressed the space bar.

I Added Multiple Level Support

I made one quick change that would allow the game to load multiple levels. The original code gives one point for each kill. After each kill I have it change the level. After all the level files are exhausted, the game will choose a random level file to load after each kill.

Add Your Own Levels

You can add your own levels and share the game with your friends. When you download the game you will notice a few files named:

  • level0.lvl
  • level1.lvl
  • level2.lvl
  • level3.lvl

Using Notepad you can open one of the files listed above. Examine it's layout. Make changes and then save it using the next sequential number. For example, I could save some new levels as...

  • level4.lvl
  • level5.lvl
  • level6.lvl
Add as many levels as you like. There is no pre-configured limit.

Original Source

Make Your Own Variation

If anyone makes changes to the game let me know in the comments section below. I would love to see what others do with it.

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