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The Berserker's Daughter

The Berserker's Daughter
Posted on Feb 4, 2013 by Stephen Owens
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The Berserker's Daughter web comic is brilliant.

Initial Thought of The Berserker's Daughter

Reminiscent of a fantasy twisted Calvin and Hobbes. It's very clever.

Nate Piekos did a fantastic job dreaming up this strange, different, and fantastically imaginary world.

I really liked Nate's other work, Atland. TBD* is a nice departure from Atland, and has become my new favorite weekly web comic. Just what I need every Thursday.

* Every time I abbreviate the title to "TBD" I think To Be Determined instead of The Berserker's Daughter

Read The Berserker's Daughter Now

Read it every Thursday (from December 6th 2012 to May 9th 2013) at The Berserkers Daughter website.

The Berserker's Daughter Weekly Web Comic. Reminiscent of a fantasty twisted calvin and hobbes

Creator Commentary from Nate Piekos

You can follow along with creator's thoughts about each episode on the TBD Facebook page.

From the first episode I began to wonder if Ruby and Troll (the main characters) are imagining their adventure or if they are living it. Nate also mentioned having this same thought as he was creating the comic.

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