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The Blog is Back

The Blog is Back
Posted on Dec 24, 2008 by Stephen
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The blog, written by Stephen Owens, is back online.

It has taken a great deal more time than I would have liked to get the blog back online, but I wanted it done right, with good SEO. So now that it has been mostly finished (only a few cosmetic things remain) I will be posting stuff on a somewhat regular basis.

I will try to post game project status information about site update notices as they become available. As well as, announce when new art has been uploaded.

I will try to get some of the old tutorials back online if they hold relevance in today's digital world. However, at the speed which software advances some of my old tutorials are just about worthless. While others will hold some value no matter where the software can take you. I will look into them.

The site has undergone some changes. Mostly back-end code stuff. The biggest change was ditching the SubDreamer CMS (SD). Although SD is an ok CMS for building communities around a fourm I found it to be restraining for my personal design & development needs. SD was better than the previous Studio-Owens iFrame based site, but SD lacks good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation. The community and SD developers argue about SEO a good bit at the fourm but in the end they still haven't put their best SEO foot forward. Forget about markup validation in SD, it's gets real ugly real quick, because of the coding in the SD plugins.

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