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Windows 7 Color Calibration Reverting And The Solution

Windows 7 Color Calibration Reverting And The Solution
Posted on Feb 8, 2013 by Stephen Owens
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I recently purchased a Colormunki Display screen color calibration tool. It worked great. The problem was, that after the computer went to sleep, or restarted, or sometimes after a minute or two of being idle, the factory default cool colors (sort of a blue / pink tint to everything) would return.

After a few hours of web surfing, and trying different courses of action, I was able to find two very simple things to permanently fix the color corrected profile in place.

The first issue is that Intel Graphics Cards have problems with color profiles. The second was Windows not knowing which color profile to use by default.

Intel Graphics Card Reseting Windows Color Profile

If you have an Intel Graphics Card then disabled igfxpers.exe from starting up via msconfig.exe. That is the only thing you may have to do.

1. Click the Start circle.
2. Type "msconfig" into the search box
3. Choose msconfig.exe from the menu

finding msconfig.exe in windows 7

4. Click the Startup tab
5. Uncheck the box for Intel Common User Interface the line with igfxpers.exe
6. Click the Apply button

using msconfig to disable igfxpers.exe

7. Restart the Computer

Define the Default Profile in Windows Color Management

If your color profile still isn't being applied, set your default color profile in Windows 7.

1. Click the Start circle.
2. Type "color management" in the search box
3. Choose Color Management from the menu

finding the color management in windows 7

4. Click the Devices tab
5. Check the box for Use My Settings for this Device.
6. Verify the Colormunki calibration profile (or whatever profile you want to use) is selected as the default.

Color Management windows 7 devices default color profile

7. Click the Advanced tab
8. Click the Change System Defaults button
This opens the Color Management tool for the System Defaults.

Color Management windows 7 advanced tab

9. Click the Advanced tab
10. Check the box for Use Windows Display Calibration.
11. Click the Close button for each Color Management window.

Color Management System Defaults in windows 7

12. Restart the computer

A Few More Observations About the Colors Being Changed Back

When I shutdown or stated the computer up, it would display the correct colors for a few brief seconds, before going back to the factory defaults.

Clicking the reload active color profile button in the Windows 7 Color Manager tool, it would load the correct colors for a few minutes. Then it would revert back to the original color settings.

If I ran anything in administrator mode the correct colors would be shown for a few seconds before reverting to the original colors.

I initially contacted Samsung (the laptop manufacturer) and then X-rite (the Colormunki manufacturer). Neither of them were any help providing the final solution, but X-rite did give me some ideas on what to look for when a Color Profile is being dropped.

More Information and Help

If neither of my two fixes work for you here are some more resouces.

Windows Color Management

The official documentation on Windows 7 color management settings.

The Intel Graphics Solution

Eyeball at the website pointed me in the right direction for the intel graphics chip. A quick google search shows all kinds of Intel color profile problem discussions.

Want to Ask Someone for Help?

Try the Windows Seven Forums, it’s pretty good.

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