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XAMPP On Windows Not Working Try WAMP

XAMPP On Windows Not Working Try WAMP
Posted on May 16, 2011 by Stephen Owens
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Darrick contacted me because he was having problems running XAMPP on Windows as a development server. I suggested he try a WAMP stack instead. WampServer, Server2Go, and EasyPHP are all much easier to use when starting out.

Darrick's original question from August 2009 (I removed all of his the CAPS lock craziness):

I have racked my brain for the last 12 hours trying to install CMSMS into my localhost. using XAMPP/Apache server on windows which I am not really familiar with. I was able to get it downloaded I think. I have read follow the installations instructions over and over and over. The most I could do was to get it to Register on the localhost. Index of /cmsmadesimple.php [ICO] Name Last modified Size Description [DIR] Parent Directory - [ ] cmsmadesimple-1.6.4-..> 16-Aug-2009 13:24 19M

Hello Darrick,

What's up with the ALL CAPS YELLING? Just pulling your chain man, it's all good. I bet you are ready to pull your hair out.

Since you are running Windows, use WAMP (WampServer, Server2Go, or EasyPHP) instead of XAMPP. I have had several different problems with the XAMPP stack on Windows that makes me shy away from it when recommending it to others as a development server. Any of these three (WampServer, Server2Go, or EasyPHP) will be a much easier install for you, and it works right out of the box, without all that extra configuration non-sense.

How To Setup WampServer and CMSMS

1. Download and Install WAMP ( )

2. start WAMP click on the WAMP icon in the notification tray (bottom right of your desktop)

3. Choose MyPHPAdmin

4. Setup your Databases, and write down your information (database name, user name, password)

5. upload your CMS Made Simple files to c:/wamp/www/cmsms/

6. open your browser and visit http://localhost/cmsms/

7. Follow the install Instructions

8. Finished

Main Advantage of WampServer: Easy PHP Version Switching / Configuring

With WampServer you can install different PHP packages to match the actual production web server. WampServer comes with the latest PHP version by default. As an example of this I have several different production web servers one is running PHP 5.2.5. I downloaded the PHP 5.2.5 package for WampServer. Now with a click of an option my development server matches the production web server. Versions of PHP can be changed rapidly in WampServer by clicking the WampServer icon in the notice bar, choosing PHP, and then choosing the package you want it to run in.

Also, WampServer is easy to enable or disable PHP packages by selecting them from list.

Other Windows Apache MySQL PHP (WAMP) stacks:

  • Server2Go - Completely portable and self configuring WAMP stack runs off a USB Drive
    • I find this to be the best portable WAMP stack available.
    • USBs have much slower read/write speeds than you hard drive; your development site may run a little slow off a USB.
    • Run it as an Administrator and that will solve the problem of it shutting down right after it opens on Windows Vista / 7.
    • Easy to make a complete backup of the entire server.
  • EasyPHP - I've tried it once, and it's not a bad stack.
    • Supposedly it's a portable stack.
    • I found it not as intuative or easy to "reconfigure on the fly" as WampServer.

Best of luck to you and your localhost server quest.

Stephen R. Owens

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