Game Development Portfolio of Stephen R. Owens

These are some of the Video Game projects I have worked on. In general these projects are free for you to download and enjoy. Individual licenses can be found in each download. Click on the game name or screen shot image to view more info about the game and/or project.

Games for Windows

Project Diggs - June 2003 Tech Demo
I developed the Project Diggs tech demo to show that a platform style adventure game could be made with the 3D Rad game engine (version 5.2).

Floyd SB the Company Man

Floyd SB "the Company Man"
Floyd SB is a 2D adventure game. I woke up one day in the spring of 2000 and decided to create a video game. I had no idea what would be involved in this process but had fun learning through trial and error. This game is freeware so download and enjoy.

Five Die Console Yahtzee

Five Die Console Yahtzee
The Five Die Console Yahtzee game was created to demonstrate a possible use for a C++ die manager class I wrote. Yahtzee is a familiar game to many people so it only made sense to use it to demonstrate the capability of the C++ classes.

Level Design

Level Design for Robo Ruse

Robo Ruse
Robo Ruse is an independent game developed by Markus Ess. He needed some help generating levels to populate a robot puzzle game he was working on so I volunteered.

UT Level Oatmeal

UT Level: Oatmeal
Unreal Tournament Level
Fast gut mashing action, what this map is all about. If you like speed fraging, this is the map for you. I would like to thank Lruce Bee (from the NaliCity forum) for giving me some useful tips on lighting.

Forest Fight an Unreal Tournament Level

UT Level: Forest Fighting
Unreal Tournament Level
In the Forest you shall FRAG thy opposition. This is an outside terrain map. Only a section of this level is forest. My first UT level.

Slime Ring an Unreal Tournament Level

UT Level: Slime Ring
Unreal Tournament Level
Push the switchto throw the other players into the ring of slime.

Web Games - Play Now

Word Finder for ALADIN

ALADIN Word Finder
I created this online Flash based word find game for

Word Dynamite for ALADIN

ALADIN Word Dynamite
I created the Word Dynamite Flash game for It is based upon the TV show Jeopardy!

Crossword for ALADIN

ALADIN Crossword
I created this online Flash based Crossword game for