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About Stephen R. Owens

My name is Stephen Owens (Steve Owens) and I am a web developer, independent game developer, and digital artist. Sometimes I freelance and sometimes I settle for the 9 to 5. I have two degrees in Computer Science. For a complete professional profile see my linked in page.

Linked In Profile of Stephen R. Owens

I also have five years experience as manager of a BSA summer camp (3 yrs. Program Director, and 2 yrs. Camp Director). This is ontop of my 7 years as summer camp support staff, and area director experince.

You can contact me through this website, I don't usually give out my phone number or personal e-mail to strangers. I hate being called at dinner time to be pressured into voteing or purchasing something or giving a donation. I also hate SPAM in my inbox.

I studied Electronic Game Art and Design at CDIS (now the Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby). I still love the platformer style game, 2D or 3D, Mega Man was one of my favorites. My first game system was the ColecoVision, with the Atari 5200 adaptor. Some of the games available for that system were and are way cool, and they show that the fun of a game comes from the playability and not the graphics, (the popularity of the Wii also demonstrates this). In College we broke out the old 5200 and played a vast amount of Atari bowling.

Eventhough I mostly grew up in the MAC world, my first computer was an 8086 running DOS 2.11 sporting the wonderful green and black monocrome monitor. I created a bunch of ASCII animations in QBasic with it, ah the old timey days. Now I have a mix of Kubuntu, Windows XP, and Vista machines.

The Code Behind Studio-Owens.com

I use CMS Made Simple and custom code to power my site. I highly recommend CMS Made Simple because almost anyone can use it to update and maintian a website. It is so very simple. I typically set it up for a client and years later they are still updating and maintaining their own website without any futher involvement from me. That is a sign of a good product.

For Studio-Owens.com I use PHP, HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript in my custom code.